Altercation in a Supermarket Carpark – by Simon Cockle


One space; two cars.
We are geared up
for disaster from the start.

I arrive with murder in mind;
she got out of yet another bed
wrong way again.

We pause in the red light zone;
two mirrored stares,
reflecting each other.

Venus and Mars;
Mars and Venus.

I knew what you wanted;
I couldn’t let you have it.

The handbrakes are on now;
we emerge together.

When I saw how
human you were,

I was willing to give way.
But you kept on about it,

so fuck you.

I got back in my car,
drove away
and gave us some





Simon is poet from Hertfordshire, writing with Poetry ID, a Stanza of the Poetry Society. His poems have been published in iOTA, the London Progressive Journal and Pantheon Magazine amongst others.  He was invited to read at the Ledbury Poetry festival this year, teaches English in a local Secondary school, and stares wistfully into the middle distance.