There are no poets, there are only poems – Nichita Stanescu


Details of the latest winners of the Readers’ and Editor’s Choice Awards can be found here. Many thanks to Rachel Bower for selecting the Editor’s Choice winner this time around.



The poet’s first business is mentioning things – Louis MacNeice


Established in June 2016, Algebra Of Owls is a “no frills” online poetry e-zine with a simple mission; to publish engaging, accessible poetry from around the world on a regular basis (about 15 poems each month).

We also produce occasional printed anthologies featuring selected poems from the website, which are distributed free at Yorkshire poetry events, or by post for a nominal charge to cover costs.

Every two months we have a public vote for a Readers’ Choice poem, and its author receives a coveted Algebra of Owls Prize Mug. We also invite a Yorkshire poet or publisher to select an Editor’s Choice poem.

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General enquiries can be emailed to algebraofowlsinfo@gmail.com. (This is not the email address for poetry submissions).