Your Lips – by Paul McDonald


Pout parabolas
Sending kisses from the palm
To break against me.
Dali lips of dreams,
Slept-with lips,
Stroked with licked finger.
Blood beats thickest here
To match my pulse
And whispered yesses.
In dimmed light they
Know the strength of please.
Sumptuous lips meet to
Taste a guilty plumpness,
Liquefying darkness
With a Cupid’s bow:
Pucker, suck and blow
To make a wave, an undertow’s
Delicious sin: a perfect O
To vanish in.




Paul McDonald runs the creative writing programme at the University of Wolverhampton, and is a poet, novelist, and critic. He is a four time winner of the Ottakars/Faber and Faber Poetry Competition, The John Clare Poetry Prize, and the Sentinel Prize. His latest poetry collection is An Artist Goes Bananas (2012). A selection of his books is available on Amazon.