We are looking for poetry that will engage the reader. Poems should possess duende, rather than being soulless craft.

We welcome submissions from anywhere in the world.

Poems can be long or short, traditional or more experimental. They can make us laugh or make us think, or perhaps make us go to the shop to buy a box of cornflakes. Anything as long as it provokes something in us as readers rather than making us think ‘Ho hum’ and turn the page (or worse, not even bother reading to the end of the poem).

  1. All poems must be written in English and no more than 50 lines.
  2. Poems should be previously unpublished. By ‘published’ we mean included in a print journal, online magazine, anthology, or any other media where poems have been selected via an editorial process for dissemination to a wider audience. We do not consider self-posting on personal blogs etc as ‘published’.
  3. Send a maximum of three poems to Use the right email address. Put the poems in the body of the email as ATTACHMENTS WILL NEITHER BE OPENED NOR READ.
  4. At the end of each submission window, the Chief Editor long-lists the poems that he thinks are what we might be looking for, which are then passed to the two co-editors for anonymous review. After their feedback, around 10 to 15 poems are chosen for publication each month.
  5. Please remember that we cannot publish everything we are sent, and have to say ‘no’ to many poems that we rather like. Typically we publish around 5% of the poems we are sent.
  6. We aim to respond to all submissions within about 30 days of the close of each submission window.
  7. Please include a brief bio that you think might inform readers with your submission. Biographical detail is ignored when reviewing poems for potential publication.
  8. We prefer not to receive simultaneous submissions as it causes unnecessary admin. If you must – do the right thing, always.
  9. Please send just one submission in each window. There is no further restriction on how long you must wait before sending another submission.


We are always open for submissions. The windows simply dictate the batches in which poems are considered for publication. The next three windows are:

16th May to 30th June – for publication in July/August 2019.
1st July to 31st July – for publication in September 2019.
1st August to 15th September – for publication in October/November 2019.

By submitting poetry to Algebra of Owls, you are granting us the right to publish the poem on the site, but copyright remains with the author. You also grant us the right to include the poem in one of our periodic printed anthologies, which are distributed free (or by post for a nominal cost) to widen the readership of the work of the selected poets.