Together – by Stewart Carswell


Underneath the park bench
there were four loose pieces of a jigsaw
face down in the frost. I turned each one over
and they were all sky.

Is that always the hardest part to get right?
I look up to the real thing
and with my son in my arms I can’t tell
where one piece ends and the next begins.





Stewart Carswell is from the Forest of Dean and currently lives in Cambridgeshire. His poems have been published in Envoi, Ink Sweat & Tears, and The Fenland Reed. His debut pamphlet was Knots and Branches (Eyewear, 2016). Twitter: @stewcarswell

3 thoughts on “Together – by Stewart Carswell

  1. I love the sense of depth achieved in this poem. I am not an avid jigsaw person but recognise the frustration and confusion when pieces are missing, especially sky, and although it is a long time ago, that sense of wonder and confusion that accompanies one when caring for a new life. The swing from the minutiae of the pieces in the frost to the child, to the breadth of the sky captures the feeling of both unbelievable closeness and a sense of being overwhelmed. Great poem


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