Last Catch – by Eilin de Paor


We pulled the rental car over to the dirt track verge.
Fela Kuti on the radio died away. Snakes scuttered under brush.
The sign boasted the first and freshest continental fish.
What could be better on a day like this?

And as we ate, finger-licking, I felt it underneath the peace,
A tremor through my teeth: The rumble of Kuti’s Africa.
The breaths and deaths of millions.
A clamorous zest.

As the land pointed out to meet the sea,
We picked the oily flesh
And felt our own soft bony lives trickle out our
In blooming navy slicks atop the waves.



Eilín de Paor is an emerging Dublin poet. A latecomer to writing, she is a parent of two, working with people with intellectual disabilities and lecturing in disability studies. Her poetry debuted in February 2018 in The Runt Zine and in a Kevin Bateman Presents YouTube event. She can be found on Twitter at: @edepaor #bitofapoem

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