Editorial – News and Update

The Chief Editor has been indisposed due to circumstances beyond his control and there has been a delay in the processing of the submissions during the window ended 15th January.

This work has now been completed by Nick and Alicia, the co-editors, and it is likely no bad thing that the other guy has not had an influence on the final selection this time round. Change is as good as a rest.

  • Email responses to submissions in that window will be coming out over the course of the next week.
  • Remaining poems that were slated for January publication will re-commence shortly.
  • The latest batch of accepted poems will be published mainly in March, maybe a few drifting into April.
  • We anticipate that submissions in the current window that ends on February 28th will be dealt with according to usual process, and we expect responses to those to be forthcoming by mid-March.

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