Editorial – Statistics

Since June 2016 we have published 466 poems on Algebra of Owls, written by 316 different poets. That is a wide spread, caused mainly by the fact that we have a strict policy of reviewing all of our submissions objectively, which has for the most part involved blind reading by the co-editors.

It is also partly influenced by the fact that some poets, once published by a journal, do not re-submit to it – which is obviously outside of our control. However, many would attest that an acceptance of a poem by us is no guarantee that future submissions will not be rejected because in the end, it is all just down to the poems. Nor do repeated rejections mean that an acceptance won’t suddenly be forthcoming. I have sometimes heard it said that once you have had a poem accepted by a journal, the likelihood of having another accepted by them increases. While there is some sense to this (because on some level an acceptance may demonstrate that the editors like your style of poetry) our experience is that this maxim does not hold that true. With us it’s always down to which specific poems have been submitted on the day.

Some journals have a policy of needing to limit people to certain elapse of time between submissions, to avoid any impression of a cliquey stable of regular contributors. We have never had to do that, and are happy for people to send us a submission every month if they wish.

I have quickly totted up some of the numbers and:

Poets with a single poem here – 201
Poets with two poems here – 91
Poets with three poems here – 14
Poets with four poems here – 9
Poets with five poems here – 1

In case you were wondering, the person with five poems published in AoO is Kathleen Strafford.


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