As I waited for the tablets to kick in – by Jane Burn


no silence, baby/a sure attack/ imagine a desire to repent/love is quite spare/ointment over and over/out, cohesive earmark/divine dissent/plateau of another antique philosophy/common somber track/a person with loose bowels/encased in austerity/dear memory/quarter marks on my new floor/it’s quite a colourful place, no comparison/love comes included/my dolorous and somber pupil/tantalizing bandit, to you I venture/private and docile/I will desire an avenue of flowers/a language of polite imagination/some can, some cannot/you are my dear corpse/you nourish me/I am partial to you/no banquets or convivial silences/no decades consigned to others/ecstasy does not quantify time passing/we will not depart this private episode/no longer the last messy paragraph of us/but a quiet, temperate day




Jane Burn’s poems have featured in magazines such as The Rialto, Under The Radar, Butcher’s Dog, Iota Poetry and many more, as well as anthologies from Emma Press, Beautiful Dragons, Emergency Poet and Seren. Her pamphlets include Fat Around the Middle, published by Talking Pen and Tongues of Fire published by BLER Press. Her first collection, nothing more to it than bubbles is published by Indigo Dreams. 

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