Reggie has a Stroke – by Ron Salisbury


Three weeks after, he was incredibly horny, something
he hadn’t really thought about for the past fifteen years,
being preoccupied with the agenda of growing old. Arriving
quite suddenly after three bourbons and just before
the Late Show, now, everything made him horny,
the neighbor across the court, eggs—their round whiteness—
palm trees, the photo of his third ex-wife leaning against
a metal rail, Grand Canyon 2001 written on the back.
It was something like a catching-up, a burst runners get
when they finally spot the finish line.




Ron Salisbury has taught poetry for the past forty years. Since moving back to San Diego nine years ago, Ron has taught classes and workshops in poetry for San Diego Writers, Ink and the Encinitas Library. He graduated from San Diego State University with a Master in Fine Arts, Poetry in 2016. His book, Miss Desert Inn was the winner of the 2015 Main Street Rag Poetry Prize and was published in the fall of 2015. He has been widely published in journals and his manuscripts have been finalists in many manuscript contests.

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