Two Butterflies – by Adrian Salmon


They’ve been circling for a while now,
those two Cabbage Whites,
dipping in and out of the laburnum,
and skirting the edge of the herb garden,
like one of those dates where it goes just right,
and you can wander and chat till the end of time.
But now the wind’s shifted –
they’ve caught a thermal,
and they’re off,
up and away,
down to fuck,
higher than you thought
butterflies might ever go –
little satellites,
their wings shining like tin-foil,
pulsing like a binary system of love.
And the air’s flooded
with the fallout of their passion –
numberless neutrinos of affection,
massless and swift,
racing through us
quicker than breath
and out to the edge of the universe




Adrian Salmon is an international fundraising consultant by day, classically trained singer by night, and poet whenever he should probably be doing one of the other two things. His first collection, ‘Don’t Fuck With Poseidon And Other Poems’ is stored in the Library of Dream of the Endless, along with an extensive body of future work. Applications to read and study the material may be made to Lucien, the Librarian, c/o the Heart of the Dreaming, during normal sleeping hours.


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