Ivy – by Sarah Doyle


Your hands, those hands, like
five-point stars,
your clingy-scrambling-clambering
your sucker punch, your muddy
boots, your native tongue, your questing
never-resting roots, your itchy feet,
your snake-charm dance, your
fuck-you swagger, your
green-green eyes on
the main chance, your all-pervasive
persuasiveness, your hosting skills,
your outstaying-your-welcome-ness, your long
your lust for the limelight, your shady
deals, your social climbing, your ear to
the ground, your dirty secrets, your
trickiness, your hanging around, your
muck-raking, your wheedling
beauty, your take-take-taking,
your heard-it-through-the-grapevine, your loving
strangle, your hands, like five-point stars
in mine.





Sarah Doyle is the Pre-Raphaelite Society’s Poet-in-Residence, and (with Allen Ashley) is co-author of Dreaming Spheres: Poems of the Solar System (PS Publishing, 2014). She holds a Creative Writing MA from Royal Holloway College, University of London. Sarah has performed at numerous poetry events; has been published widely in magazines, journals and anthologies; and placed in many competitions. She works as a freelance manuscript critique provider, and is currently co-editing a new anthology, Humanagerie, for Eibonvale Press. Website: www.sarahdoyle.co.uk

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