Reggie Tries Meditation – by Ron Salisbury


It couldn’t hurt, his therapist says fingering her pearls
and noting in her spiral-bound, Reggie circling awareness
once a week for four years like a dog his water bowl
with a bug in it, and she unable to stop composing
her grocery list, his voice a drone spiraling and spiraling
her office ceiling, his voice a whiny dog tied to a brick
outside, a leaf blower down the block each week
for an hour. Dharma, says Reggie. Time’s up, she says.





Ron Salisbury has taught poetry for the past forty years. Since moving back to San Diego nine years ago, Ron has taught classes and workshops in poetry for San Diego Writers, Ink and the Encinitas Library. He graduated from San Diego State University with a Master in Fine Arts, Poetry in 2016. His book, Miss Desert Inn was the winner of the 2015 Main Street Rag Poetry Prize and was published in the fall of 2015. He has been widely published in journals and his manuscripts have been finalists in many manuscript contests.

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