Take your coat off – by Roddy Williams


You won’t feel the benefit
when you go out
so take off that coat
I’m telling you now
you’ll be starved by the time
you get to the gate
starved like a post
How many sugars?
You might has well have one
You’ve taken your coat off

You’d best slip your shoes off
as well they’re all muddy
I know I could hear it aye
rattle the roof
like a man at the door
after money and time
It was bouncing down earlier
Just leave them there with
my sack of regret and my
box of old anecdotes
Might get them out if
it carries on bouncing

I think there’s some cake here
You might as well have some
I can’t eat it all
If I don’t it will all have to go
to the foxes
You wouldn’t want that
a fox at your cake
I’ve got time in the fridge and
it needs to be used
Well past its sell-by
We might as well use it

Now give me that coat



A Welsh exile, Roddy Williams now lives in London. His poetry has appeared in ‘The North’, ‘The Frogmore Papers’, ‘Magma’, ‘The Rialto’, ‘Envoi’ and other magazines. He’s had two plays performed in London, is currently working on his first novel and is a keen surrealist photographer, printmaker and painter.

3 thoughts on “Take your coat off – by Roddy Williams

  1. I like this and the way the voice gets him to stay (reminds me of my Mum). Love the use of ‘starved’ and then the food comes in.


  2. Bendigedig! I did enjoy this! Especially: ‘Just leave them there with
    my sack of regret and my
    box of old anecdotes‘ and ‘You wouldn’t want that
    A fox at your cake’. Can hear it in the voice of a mamgu/nain. There’s lyfli!


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