Meet the New Co-Editor

I’m delighted to announce that we have appointed a new third Co-Editor who will be joining Nick Allen and myself on the Algebra of Owls team. We are looking forward to this.


Alicia Fernández is a translator, interpreter and poet from Andalucía now adopted by Yorkshire. Her poems have appeared in various anthologies and in magazines like Dream Catcher, Bunbury and Strix. Her debut pamphlet ‘If Moments Were Places’ was published by Half Moon Books in 2017. She won the inaugural title of Chapbook Champion at Ilkley Literature Festival 2017, awarded by former BBC Poet in Residence Daljit Nagra. In 2018, her poem ‘Tangier’ was commended in Prole’s Laureate Poetry Competition. She lives with her cat Harold and loves artichokes, cave hunting with her father and re-watching Twin Peaks. She will be starting a PhD in Comparative Literature in the autumn to study the poetry of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. She’s interested in poems that prevent us from ever looking at a particular thing the same way after reading them – be it something as complex as grief or as simple as making a cup of coffee; poems that take something from us but place something of much value in its place.


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