Magazine Re-launch Reminder

A quick note to say our current window for submissions is still open, and will be until 30th June. We expect to get back to people with our decision by around 10th July (yes, we work fast) and be selecting around 20-25 poems to publish in the second part of July and throughout August. Thereafter we will revert to monthly submission windows, publishing 10 – 15 poems each month.

We have already had many lovely emails regarding our return, which is very heartening.

“…your publication was one of the very few around who managed to find space for pieces with a little wry or dark humour in them.”

“…it feels good to be sending you poems for your consideration again.”

“Really happy to see your journal up and running again.”

“I was so pleased to see that you’ve opened up your submissions again as I’ve enjoyed the work you publish and was hoping to have another chance to send you some of my work.”

“It’s so good to have you back.”

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