Editor’s Choice Poem – Jan/Feb 2018

One bit of unfinished business from before our hiatus is the announcement of the winning Editor’s Choice Poem from January and February this year. This was selected by our guest judge Joan Hunter  Antony Dunn

His winning choice was:

How to be Deposed – by Elya Braden

Antony offered the following comment:

This is a timely and very troubling poem. It achieves a rare balance somewhere between narrative clarity and mystery. It gives us enough to intrigue and compel us, but not so much that it renders itself uninteresting. It’s unusual – which, in itself, is something of a virtue. The calmness of the tone beautifully belies the violence and unpredictability of the proposed events and relationships. Its jumpy, distracted, almost-confused point of view paints a vivid picture of a mind and body in crisis, on the edge of a full-blown incident. Its narrator unable to be sure about facts, her voice conjuring the idea of her reeling around in a witness-box fog. But it’s also an elegant poem, untroubled by cliche, which never trips over its own rhythms. Ultimately, it’s an enormously powerful poem in its vulnerability. It’s very impressive.”


A quick mention that the extended submission window for our re-launch is still open, closing on 30th June. Please keep them coming – we are looking to have a strong re-entry to the poetic atmosphere without a parachute.

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