“codeine… bourbon” – by Henrik Aeshna


the sin of metamorphosis was our biggest one

next time we meet
i wanna take you to the mountains of nysa
aboard a secret showboat made of
dead leaves
& listen to yr mad voice vomiting my name
like a pagan grenade against the sky of notre dame

this wine
this sweet wine
yr pain is too precious to end up in a mental hotbox
mumbling “moon river” in the dark with a mouthful of shipwrecks
eviscerated alive while dirty diggers & foxes bay for yr blood on wall street
& cinderella’s haemorrhoids become a widely acclaimed broadway show

(while babylon burns myriads of candle flies storm the
sky in a last farewell waltz
– I hear the santoor of birds)

time is honey my corn husk doll
& love
is a washing machine

we’ll live like furcifers on the run
among ancient operas & satin spars
beryls selenites &
gypsum flowers
& send them vintage postcards



* “codeine… bourbon” : Tallulah Bankhead’s last words
Note: ANN TREVOR : My Sin is a 1931 American film directed by George Abbott. The film stars Tallulah Bankhead.



Henrik Aeshna is a poet & multimedia artist living in Paris. In 2009, he sold off Van Gogh’s ear in ground beef packages at a kiosk outside the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. He has organized/engaged in diverse performances, manifestations and participations in Paris, London and elsewhere. www.henrikaeshna.org

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