The Huddersfield Punk – by David Coldwell


Catching the early morning train
you’ll see her waiting, whatever the weather,
with back to the crowd
and the tips of boots touching the yellow

metalled safety line where she stands
without flinching as the fast train passes
without slowing. Dressed from head to foot
in black with remnants of blue green hair

and self styled tattoos around her neck;
sometimes she’ll look this way and sometimes the other
with pink eyes that say more about us than the faded
LOVE and HATE hidden beneath costume jewellery.

But like us, she’s there every day for every early train
travelling to some other place, silently praying for rain.



David Coldwell is an artist and writer based in the village of Marsden in West Yorkshire. His poetry has been published in a number of print and on-line journals and also featured in various poetry anthologies. His debut pamphlet, Flowers by the Road was published by Templar Poetry in 2017

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