Editorial – Testimonials

We are not immune to a bit of vindication here and there, and are delighted when we receive positive comments from the poets that submit to us. There have been dozens, but here are a few samples.

“I’ve been an instructor in the Writers’ Program at UCLA Ext. for more than 20 years and have seen rejection letters of all kinds sent to my student and colleagues. Some are thoughtless, some just plain hurtful, and some are impersonal beyond even feeling as if they were written by a human. I think your note to me was one of the kindest and most considerate I’ve seen. Thank you for holding a higher standard…for poetry and courtesy.”

“Thanks for the finest rejection letter I’ve ever received. Almost better than an acceptance.”

“It is so helpful to get such feedback from editors. Thank you again.”

“Bravo for the transparency. That sort of mindset makes me very happy.”

“Thanks for considering my work.  I really appreciate the numbers. I blogged about it (no names!) Check it out here

“I’ve never had that kind of information before: useful and interesting.”

“I truly appreciate your openness and your process. I know of no other journal or magazine that offers such valuable and responsive insight to a writer.”

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