A Scattering of Poets

As a bit of fun, I have plugged the geographical location of about 75% of the poets published to date in Algebra of Owls into a map generator to produce a quick visual overview of where our contributors have come from.


Here is a zoomed-in map of the UK (which is pretty crowded on the big map).

small map

12 thoughts on “A Scattering of Poets

      • I just did a recount. To date we have 127 men and 128 women. I think that if a journal genuinely takes no account of identity, you might expect it to look like that. The exception might be if a given journal receives substantially more submissions from one gender or the other, which might then be reflected in the acceptances. Our contributor base is biased to the UK, for example, simply because the majority of our submissions come from the UK and…statistics. We also reflect a wide range of experience/history, with both prizewinners and previously unpublished poets – because we don’t care. We don’t buy into positive discrimination of any kind, whether it is gender, geography, publishing history, whatever – it irritates me when you see statements like “We favour Northern poets” or poets from Yorkshire…. Why? Is not the poem paramount, the quality above all else? I suspect some poets with ‘reputation’ might actually dislike this and expect preferential treatment. Well, tough titty. Send us a poem that gets our attention, because nothing else works.


  1. Interesting. And the previous comments 🙂 The competitive in me would like to know how many submissions you get to select from in any period.


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