15 Certificate – by Stuart Pickford


We’d found ‘Nemo,’ then ‘Shrek,’
could quote bits to each other:
“ogres are like onions.” Later,
goofy bloopers like ‘Honey,
I Blew up the Kids.’ If only.
Vampire stuff was for girls.

TV filled the week though never
the repeats of ‘Dad’s Army.’
Attenborough paced the forest
of our living room whispering
silverbacks feared water and
here was a mountain stream.

Come weekends, the cinema
of the sofa groaned at another
‘Miracle in New York,’ feel-good
settling like snow. But now
you know how to hack into Sky,
watch ‘Fury’ with your mates.

The world’s knocking at the door,
my beautiful boy. Come Monday,
you incline your hair for a kiss,
set off to school with your iPhone
on which you could tweet jihadists
selling the women of Kobane.




Stuart lives in Harrogate and teaches in a local comprehensive school. He is
married with three children.

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