Editorial – Minor Changes at AoO

Keen followers will know that earlier this year we reduced the number of poems we publish from around 25 per month to about 15 per month – to make the magazine more digestible and concentrate the quality somewhat.

This has worked as we had hoped.

However, it has meant that both the monthly Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards have been made from a smaller pool of poems. Therefore, this will now only take place bi-monthly. The next poll will be to pick a winner from all poems published here in September AND October, and so on. 

It also means that the print anthologies would be rather less selective if we continued on a quarterly basis as before, so they too will become less frequent. The next one (issue 5) is now planned to come out in November, featuring poems published between June and October this year.

2 thoughts on “Editorial – Minor Changes at AoO

  1. A Keen Follower Responds

    Fewer poems for better digestibility?
    Worry about excess in the candy aisle.

    Maybe you haven’t noticed that
    there’s a war on. In times of war,
    less is not more—
    less is just less, like in the olden days
    when we had to eat crusts with everything.

    I read every 25-poems
    no matter how fogged up my inbox was
    and you still got Sundays off.

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