hunter – by K. Eltinaé


Dressed in dazzling white on Fridays
Baba began his hunt for me.
I locked myself in the bathroom
listening to threats about djinns.
Later hid on the roof until he gave up.

I couldn’t find my place at the mosque
trapped in limbo out of line
between the feet of a stranger
as another nudged me from behind.

At home, he scolds about the future
in the same tone as the narrator on T.V
spellbound by gazelles that vanished
like his biscuits dipped in tea.





K. Eltinaé is a Sudanese poet whose work has appeared in New Contrast, Baphash Literary & Arts Quarterly, Algebra of Owls, NILVX, Illya’s Honey, Ink in Thirds, Elsewhere Literary Journal, Peeking Cat Magazine,The Ofi Press, Poetic Diversity, Chanterelle’s Notebook, and Poetry Pages: A Collection of Voices from Around the World Volume IV. He is the editor of “21” a Poetry Magazine. He currently resides in Granada, Spain. More at

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