while a squirrel with balls like black marbles negotiates a tree – by J.C. Mari


first week of may monday
10:30 am and
the cemetery is full of men
pruning tree branches
and clearing debris.

they have weedwhackers
wheelbarrows and saws
and some drive
machines that raise a lot of dust
and make a lot of noise.

slow and heavy the workmen go
through the commonplace ritual
and i can imagine in an
hour or so
they will congregate
under three or four trees to eat lunch.

some will boast of their
prowess with women and
weekend heroics
others will bemoan
the plight of ruthless contingency.

i expect a few
will drink beer with their lunch
and a couple of them may doze off
humoring the remains of the sunday hangover.

it’s nothing special
but you can’t
do it if you’re dead.

a man in blue jeans
and gray t-shirt speeds by
in his bicycle
singing in spanish
loud and off key.

very soon i can’t see him and
the focus is back on
the dust and noise of the machines.



J.C. Mari is a Floridian who ekes out his living in occupations unrelated to poesy or the arts. He is occasionally published here and there. Like everyone else he does his best to achieve/maintain some degree of functionality.


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