Sonnet 1-800 – by Drew Pisarra


In 1989, my friend Mary
worked for the sex line 1-800-DUCK
where she more often took calls from scary
coke addicts than horn-dogs lacking the pluck
to approach girls in nightclubs. Back then
I smirked at the dialed-up idiocy
of convos billing jerks by the second
for not-so-hot hotline intimacy.
Yet where are we now? With our lovelorn apps
(Grindr, Tindr, Tingle, Scruff, and Diskreet)
that spell out longing via finger taps,
our hammered-out virtual meet-and-greets.
Goodbye, chatterbox – so lonely, so high.
Hey, emoticon heart… r u nearby?




Drew Pisarra worked in the digital sphere on behalf of such TV shows as Mad Men, Rectify and Breaking Bad. His work has been produced off-Broadway and appeared in Poydras Review, Thin Air, and St. Petersburg Review, among other publications. His collection of short stories, Publick Spanking, was published by Future Tense eons ago.

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