Sonnet 917-589-9XXX – by Drew Pisarra


u texted me on xmas 2 wish me
merry I texted u later 2 wish
u back rashly I sexted u happy
come NEW YEAR!! admittedly hornyish
my resolve now gone slack not looking not
not looking ears pealed 4 a ping & ping
me u did 10 minutes later we’re hot
& heavy in my hall & you’re doing
that thing you do those things you do we do
every time we get together but
it/s been quite awhile so the old felt new
well not quite new & frankly not quite hot
until you fell asleep & snored & snored
& held me in your arms as I grew bored





Drew Pisarra worked in the digital sphere on behalf of such TV shows as Mad Men, Rectify and Breaking Bad. His work has been produced off-Broadway and appeared in Poydras Review, Thin Air, and St. Petersburg Review, among other publications. His collection of short stories, Publick Spanking, was published by Future Tense eons ago.


3 thoughts on “Sonnet 917-589-9XXX – by Drew Pisarra

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