Editorial – Well Fancy That!

I take great pleasure in seeing Algebra poets crop up in the magazines that plop onto my doormat, and thought I would knock up a quick list of such highlights from some recent(-ish) issues. I have excluded online publications for these purposes. (Part of me really wanted to type ‘porpoises’ there, for no reason I can fathom).

Baber, Siegfried in Poets’ Republic 4
Branton, Melanie in Prole 21 & Interpreter’s House 64
Bromley, Carole in Rialto 87
Burn, Jane in Rialto 88 & Bare Fiction 9
Chambers, Duncan in Interpreter’s House 63
Cockle, Simon in Prole 21 & Envoi 176
Connors, Mark in Prole 21 & 22, Interpreter’s House 63 & Dream Catcher 33
Crook, Seth in Prole 21, Rialto 87 & Envoi 176
Culshaw, Gareth in Dream Catcher 34
Donovan, Clive in Dream Catcher 33 & 34
Doreski, William in Envoi 176
Gallagher, Harry in Prole 21 Interpreter’s House 63
Hardwick, Oz in Prole 21
Kahn, Anna in Rialto 88
Lambert, Gill in Prole 22
Larkin, Sharon  in Prole 21 & 22
Magill, Holly in Bare Fiction 9
McDonough, Beth in Poetry Salzburg 30, Southlight 20 Agenda
Moody, Tom in Prole 22
Nisbet, Robert in Prole 21 & 22, Dream Catcher 34
Nunn, Stuart in Brittle Star 39
Rimmer, Belinda in Brittle Star 39 & Dream Catcher 33
Robson, Nikki in Poets’ Republic 4
Scott, Finola in Southlight 20
Shay, Helen in Dream Catcher 34
Turner, Andrew in Poetry Salzburg 30 & Interpreter’s House 64
Wastling, Clint in Dream Catcher 33
Watts, J.S. in Envoi 176
Writer-Davies, Gareth in Prole 22

Some other poets lined up with poems in Algebra over the next couple of months are Kate Noakes (in Prole 21), Tom Sastry (in Prole 21, Bare Fiction 9, & Lighthouse 14), Louisa Campbell (in Prole 22), Clare McCotter (in Envoi 176) and Jean Atkin (in Poetry Salzburg 30). We also have a couple of poems from Sue Norton coming up, a recent prizewinner in the Rialto ‘Nature & Place’ competition. 

All the magazines mentioned (Prole, The Rialto, Interpreter’s House, Agenda, Poetry Salzburg, Bare Fiction, Lighthouse, Brittle Star, Southlight, Dream Catcher, Envoi and Poets’ Republic) have some overlap with Algebra of Owls  in terms of aesthetic. The North does too, although I have not renewed my subscription to them recently. I would also add that I have not indulged in that popular poets’ pastime of extolling magazines I have never read, so don’t read too much into any omissions from the list.



4 thoughts on “Editorial – Well Fancy That!

  1. As a newish poet, I find this fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to compile the list and post it here. I feel as if I’m starting to find my place in the poetry world, which is somewhere in Algebra of Owls-Atrium-Picaroon-Prole-Acumen-Interpreter’s House-Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis-World. It’s a really good place to be!

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    • I think it’s true that there are certain ‘circles’ that overlap in terms of editorial policy and style. I would definitely add ‘Poets’ Republic’ to the list you mention. Also, while Rialto has a premium reputation, I would place it in the same circle as the mags you list. Next month I may post a round-up of online magazines to supplement this one.


      • Oh how daft; I missed out Obsessed With Pipework and should have included it, too! Also, I’m in love with Strange Poetry.


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