New App – by Craig Patrick


Paul just shook his head
when I told him about
my plan for a new app
that uses inaudible low
frequency sound waves to
simulate human empathy.

Pop in your earbuds,
launch my new app on
your favorite device,
and let the feeling that
you’ve really been heard
just wash right over you.

But let us forget for now
about the healing power
of my incredible new app
and talk more about Paul
and his consistent failure
to champion my dreams.



Craig Patrick is a Washington DC-area writer, musician and teacher whose poems have appeared in Praxis Magazine.  When not writing poetry, captioning photos, or naming fake bands, he writes and records guitar-driven, synth-tinged, multi-hyphenated power-pop under the name Giants of Diving.

3 thoughts on “New App – by Craig Patrick

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