Editorial – And then there were three

A very quick post to announce that Nick Allen has joined the editorial team here at Algebra of Owls.

This widens the tastes and perspectives we have on board, and ramps up the anonymity of our selection process (both Nick and Hannah look at submitted poems in complete ignorance of who wrote them).

Nick has a poem pencilled in for publication here in May, which was selected for publication long before his appointment as an Editor. It will obviously be his last poem that appears on the site.

With an online magazine, there is always a balance between wanting to print as many of the submitted poems that we like as possible, and the danger of swamping readers (it is not as though Algebra of Owls is the only e-zine out there). Keen followers will have noticed we have published rather fewer poems this month (twenty by the time we finish April), and in May there will be eighteen. From June onwards we will be cutting back further, to around fifteen per month. Sadly, this means we will have to say ‘no’ to even more poems that we like, but it allows more breathing room in the schedule, and is more digestible for our followers.

We have already received over 200 poems to look at so far in April, and one of the co-editors is off on holiday soon. Therefore the window for poems to be considered for publication in June is now closed. All new submissions received between now and 31st May will be looked at together at the start of June, with a view to publication in July.

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