Optical Illusions – by Vince Borg


In the darkened room the cloaked magician
holds a round glass in each hand.
He gently lowers them for the man to peer at
obscure symbols hanging in the cloudy distance.
A veil descends and covers an orb.
With a sly twist of the wrist
balls suddenly appear and disappear.
Red and green, circles playing in the light
coming in and out of view.
The magic continues in the gaze of disbelieving eyes.
Bright stars appear from nowhere,
puffs of wind, all moving on courses determined
by the seer’s wand, tricking the man to perceiving
the world as an optical illusion.
Finally, the man utters in dismay, as all is revealed.
‘F – C – U – K – M – E’,
reading for the first time the letters on the lowest line,
as the optician begins to write his prescription.



Vince is a retired Maths teacher. His family has lived in North Leeds and enjoyed the Yorkshire countryside for over 40 years. He performed in open-mic at Wicked Words in Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton, for many years, and produced an unpublished anthology Running Down the Up One in 2012.

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