March Monthly Awards – Winners!

It was very close this month, but the winning READERS’ CHOICE POEM for March was

Male Pheasant Utterly Unfazed by the Passing of my Car – by Jane Burn

Congratulations to Jane, who will be getting the coveted Prize Mug.

Oz Hardwick picked the EDITOR’S CHOICE POEM and had the following to say.

“I have enjoyed reading and re-re-reading the poems, and have settled – with a little difficulty – upon Ride by Robert Ford as my choice for the month. Thematically, I like the way that it transposes that American myth of the supernatural highway encounter onto the British landscape, and makes the encounter with God no less threatening than one with the Devil. I also like the way that the lineation becomes more pronounced, more assertive throughout, as the narrator moves towards the not entirely welcome certainty of the conclusion. A neat, unobtrusive use of form to underscore the narrative. The other couple I have been shuffling over the past couple of days are Harvesting Art by Michael Brownstein and Male Pheasant Utterly Unfazed by the Passing of my Car by Jane Burn, but Robert’s poem kept wiggling to the top of the pack.”


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