The Eyes We’re Looking at Are the Eyes That See – by Devon Balwit


We argue about peek-a-boo,
whose eyes get covered, mom’s
or baby’s. Having played with
three kids, I insist mom covers.
But then, they counter, baby can
easily see we aren’t gone. But
babies don’t understand whose
eyes look – mom, the whole world
willed into action, mom’s eyes
the ones proving them real.

Even here and now, at this table,
we’re not more advanced, still
unsure whose eyes matter most,
fearing erasure when not seen,
clapping when reflected.
Object permanence? Prove it
in deepest radio silence, or
when our posts sink unnoticed
in the queue. Cover your eyes.
Look. Peek-a-boo.




Devon Balwit is a poet and educator from Portland, Oregon. She has a chapbook Forms Most Marvelous forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press (summer 2017). Her recent poems can be found in: Oyez, The Cincinnati Review, Red Paint Hill, The Ekphrastic Review, Noble Gas Quarterly, Timberline Review, Trailhead Magazine, Vector, and Permafrost.

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