Monthly Award Winners, and Guest Editor for March, Oz Hardwick

The votes have been counted and the winning READERS’ CHOICE POEM for February was

My Father Comes Back – by Steve Klepetar

Congratulations to Steve, and a third mug will now be heading to the shores of America.

Winston Plowes picked the EDITOR’S CHOICE POEM and had the following to say.

“February’s Poem of the month is A Bedside Geranium – by Tristan Moss

I really enjoyed spending an evening in with Algebra of Owls’ February words, a cheese and ricotta tortellini and a glass of Lidl’s Côtes du Rhône. On this damp and cold night I have whittled my little family of five contenders to a lone poem but not without some difficulty and several readings. I have been working in hospices as a poet in recent years and so have some experience of these places of light as well as darkness, hope as well as despair and Tristan’s work skilfully portrays this balance in simple language whilst being profoundly personal with a hands-on touch. Some of the metaphors are subtly hidden in this poem but with re-reading they surface, rewarding the reader that stays by its side.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to such a vivid and varied selection of poems from which to choose a poem of the month.”

This Editor agrees that Tristan’s poem is a fabulously skilled use of metaphor and, for that, is a worthy winner.


Winston passes the Guest Editor mantle to Oz Hardwick, who will be picking the winning poem for March.

Oz is a York-based poet, photographer, music journalist, and occasional musician. His work has been published and performed internationally in all manner of media: books, journals, record covers, programmes, fabric, with music, with film, and with nothing but the reverberation of air. To make best use of life-long insomnia, Oz is also Professor of English at Leeds Trinity University, and has written extensively on misericords and animal iconography in the Middle Ages under the pseudonym of Paul Hardwick. His sixth poetry collection, The House of Ghosts and Mirrors, will be published by Valley Press in 2017. Find out more at:

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