Baking a Muffin Morning – by J.S. Watts


First take a mist-soaked dawn,
white and damp like skimmed milk
(overnight marination is a plus, whilst
early rising is a requirement).
Add ripened blackberries, sloes, rose-hips,
other fruits of the field:
conkers, acorns, wheat stalks, heavy apples,
dew-sparkled spiders’ webs and
freshly scattered rabbit raisins.
It’s okay. This is a recipe
for the nose and eye.
Consumption is not, necessarily, oral.
Next you need the glowing yolk
of a slowly emerging sun.
Spread over your ingredients and
walk through briskly, stirring
with your bright footsteps.
Then turn up the heat of the day.
Bake slowly, breathing in
the aromas of gently warming soil, damp grass,
fence posts, field fruits, the air itself
with its spicy residues of summer,
the lingering trace of wood smoke
from last night’s fires and the fresh tang
of a winter yet to come.
Watch as the day’s colours unfold
from the fading white and
the morning rises, fresh baked and new
to become possibility.




J.S.Watts is a UK novelist and poet. Her writing appears in publications internationally and has been broadcast on BBC and Independent Radio. She has published two poetry collections, Cats and Other Myths and Years Ago You Coloured Me, plus an award-nominated SF poetry pamphlet Songs of Steelyard Sue – all by Lapwing Publications. See here for further details.

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