The Battlefield where the Ancients dwell – by Alison Lock


Take a look at the skyline’s edge, the fortress of rock,
the place of a land defined by protrusions on a ragged sky,
of sharp silhouettes where black meets pale grey,
where the winds are the spirits that linger in fissures.

Deep chasms hold tight the echoes, whispered secrets
of a past unrecorded but snagged in the ache of folly,
still rustling in the heather, and even the pain
of a thrown stone is borne by a peat bog that will never let it go.




Alison Lock’s poetry and short stories have appeared in anthologies and journals in the UK and internationally. She has published a short story collection, two poetry collections, and a fantasy novella. She is a tutor for Transformative Life Writing courses.
Website:   Twitter: @ali_lock_

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