Love – by Anwer Ghani


As a dazzled butterfly, I will end in the love of this earth. I will exit from its fissures with a crown of heavy years. Like this, like an old hunter, I will dissolve in wings’ dream.




Anwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet and literary theorist. He lives in Iraq now and worked in a hospital as consultant physician. He has poetry collections in Arabic in e-book form, and many books in poetry criticism in Arabic. He is the chief editor of Tajdeed, an Arabic prose poem magazine, and of Arcs,a prose poem magazine.

4 thoughts on “Love – by Anwer Ghani

  1. The posting of this poem has been scheduled for some time, but I am delighted that in the light of the events that are shaking the world, it underlines the commitment of this magazine to publish poetry from anywhere in the world, regardless of the colour, gender, religion or nationality of the poet. That our common humanity should, and does, transcend all of that.

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