The Writing Life – by Alison Lock

I am listening, straining
to hear the ocean
between the rhythm
of the hush and the hush.

The shallow reach extends
with each incoming wave,
every new ripple,
a thought reaching out.

I leave a trail of words
in my wake; curled-up
letters unfurl, expanding
with each new lap.

Paragraphs are castles,
their turrets brittle
as shells gather
in questioning marks

– cockles, limpets, whelks
like consonants
decorate my path
as I move to the edge

along with all the other
fragile-legged creatures,
I am swept into the cool surf,
carried into the deep.



Alison Lock’s poetry and short stories have appeared in anthologies and journals in the UK and internationally. She has published a short story collection, two poetry collections, and a fantasy novella. She has an MA in Literature Studies and Creative Writing. She is a tutor for Transformative Life Writing courses.
Website:   Twitter:  @ali_lock_

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