Standing Desks Solve Everything – by CL Bledsoe and Michael Gushue


This is not an age for madness – the elegant
virtuosity of wasting away with fantastically
coiffed hair belongs to the mists of another
time. Now, we’re all just synchronizing
our hearts with the clack of keys coming
from all the cubicles whose greyness
we won’t even drown in. Now, we linger
like lonely neighbors invited to parties so we won’t
call the cops. It’s sanity in the same way
Muammar Gaddafi’s cufflinks clattering
through a rain stick is a soothing lullaby.
Don’t listen too closely. It’s mumbling
into the palm over its mouth. Something
about lives of diet perspiration,
something about new boss equals old boss.





CL Bledsoe is the author of a dozen books, most recently the novel Man of Clay and the poetry collection Riceland.

Michael Gushue runs the nano-press Beothuk Books and is co-founder of Poetry Mutual/Vrzhu Press. His work appears online and in print, most recently in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, the Michigan Quarterly, and Gargoyle. His chapbooks are Gathering Down Women, Conrad, and Pachinko Mouth (from Plan B Press).

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