already always – by Lonnie Monka


fall asleep
just fall
sleep is not death
fall as we all fall from each day’s peak
fall into the morning
          fall out of this pre-emptive mourning
for the moment when consciousness breaks
            fall asleep
                     just fall to your death while dreaming
            that dreams only seem
digest those dreams
          defecate their meaning
                      pleasure yourself interpretations
just fall the fuck to sleep

fill discontinuous time-gaps
            speak theories
say all possible words
               till lightning-like
desires flash into tickling touches
            that hover over blanket-less backs
just plead your case to invisible ears
           that carefully compile your memories
of striving to see the surrounding darkness
           with eyes that touch the lack of light
painful memories
               fall into the future
                       fall these memories
                                               into tomorrow
fall asleep
fall all memories of failing to fall asleep
             into waking up
tomorrow depends on falling asleep
           having fallen asleep
this is already always     tomorrow




Lonnie Monka is a U.S. native now living in Jerusalem. He loves the finer things in life, like reading & writing, and experimenting in the kitchen. He runs occasional literary events and readings under the name Jerusalism. Feel free to check out his literary musings at



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