Cold Caller – by Samantha Roden


Everyone knows you
don’t knock at No.42.
The papers heaped
on every sill
threaten to make
a headline of you.

The Coca-Cola wind chime
strung with too much care
hums the diurnal drone
of the cars that slow
to make sense of the ticker tape
in the bay window.

Meals on Wheels stopped.
She insisted
they post the trays
Through the letterbox
Then microwaved the salad
For the cats.
The nice man refused to come back
after he trod in cat shit, again.

Peer through the letter box
and you can just make out
yesterday’s headline




Samantha Roden is a Lead Practitoner for English. Her poetry has been published in a number of journals. She is also an educational author and literary critic whose recent publications include Philip Roth Through the Lens of Kepesh, a book-length monograph available here.

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