The circular route – by Kate Garrett



my face is a filter on the city –
pupils, iris, woolly hat, orange
coat reflected back
through glass, colouring concrete


she’s there at the phone box
a snapshot

the pattern of keys
no one’s touched this year

hair the tarred
colour of tab ends

she exhales impatience
disguised as smoke
from thin nostrils


through glass, colouring my face
a filter of concrete
reflects back in pupils, iris

the pattern of touch
no one’s memorised this year




Kate Garrett is the founding editor of Three Drops Press and Picaroon Poetry. Her writing has been widely published, and her latest pamphlet The Density of Salt (Indigo Dreams Publishing) was longlisted for best pamphlet in the 2016 Saboteur Awards. Kate lives in Sheffield with her husband, four children, and a cat who sleeps in the bathtub.


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