Six months – by Mark Connors


Cartoonists were massacred in Paris.
I was diagnosed with athlete’s foot
but suffer from psoriasis.

A co-pilot snuffed out a plane of futures.
I started smoking again,
stopped training for a marathon.

Greece is still fucked.
The two of us were born
to struggle with economies.

The exit poll was right.
We were in different countries
and could not console each other.

Dolly wasn’t at Glastonbury this year.
I will always love you
but I can love someone else.

A man beheaded his great grandmother.
Even gods can’t change the past
so what chance do I have?



Mark is a Leeds based poet and author, and is the compère of the lively Word Club monthly poetry event. His poems have been widely published in magazines (Envoi, Dreamcatcher, Prole, Sarasvati, among others) and anthologies. His first pamphlet, Life is a Long Song was published by Otley Word Feast Press in 2015, with a second full collection due out in 2017 from Stairwell BooksHis novel Stickleback is published by Armley Press, available on Amazon.


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