Sirens – by Sandra Burnett


We had no interest in enticing the boozy crew
of that limp-rigged ship onto our rock.

Zeus, the niff of cheesy socks that wafted
ashore on the burps of zephyrs.

Only those with sheep-wool stuffed in their ears
could have thought our jeers a song of seduction.

We quickly roused a quarrelling quartet of Wind Gods
and watched them bully the vessel until, bored,

they set it on course for Ithaca
or some such dreary place.

In the wake of their storming, we spotted a little fellow
strapped to the mast and thought him dead,

though we later learned, he was responsible
for phantasmagorical tales

put about to pacify his wife following
an inexcusably long jaunt, with his mates,

to Amsterdam.





Sandra Burnett is an Otley Poet. Her poems have been published in Prole, Frogmore Papers, The Poetry Box and the OWF Press collections, Spokes, The Garden and Surprise View as well as online at Poems Under Water and Poems Please Me. Her pamphlet, New Lease, is published by OWF Press.

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