Gravida 5, Parity 3 – by Kate Garrett


The chart on the page plots her growth-climb
as I consider the five and the three above—
she is the missing number four, floating in red
limbo where her kicking heels meet the dust
of a heart-stopped lentil, left behind in my other life.

Three others held places between the two,
now echoes of fast-forward newborn mewls
fade in the voicing of views, questions,
in the quiver and swagger of young men
waiting for a tiny sister’s birth.

But my little never-sprouted was the first,
a scout sent to map a universe I’ll never
know—a camp these five have run to, run from,
outgrown; each marked the way for the next
with new scars, indents, like fresh cairn stones.




Kate Garrett is the founding editor of Three Drops Press and Picaroon Poetry. Her writing has been widely published, and her latest pamphlet The Density of Salt (Indigo Dreams Publishing) was longlisted for best pamphlet in the 2016 Saboteur Awards. Kate lives in Sheffield with her husband, four children, and a cat who sleeps in the bathtub.


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