Scared – by Denise Nardone


sometimes I get scared
scared that I will turn you
into a poem
scared that one morning
I will waken
to find you scattered
around the room
like fridge poetry

or that I’ve taken you apart
re-moulded you into a sonnet
or a villanelle
used your lips
your eyes
your fingers
to shape some unfamiliar form
a picasso of words

god forbid
that I should ever
turn you into rhyme
should this happen
take the pen from my hand
and take me right back
to our beginning

when you were my teacher
and words were not needed.





Denise Nardone is a member of the PK Poets.  She is a book-binder, creator of whimsical doodles, and longs to live in a beach hut.  Born in Lancaster, England, she would not wish to live anywhere else, but loves to travel in the search of adventures.

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