Love Poems I Found In Mein Kampf – by Joshua Medsker

A trio of short “found” poems, creating love poetry out of quotations from Mein Kampf.



Take up your instrument of seduction.
Transport me with fever and passion
until we collapse into a spiritual abyss.


Immortal Deeds

Performing immortal deeds with
such awkwardness and criminal stupidity…
Put an end to this…spiritual squandering.

Whip the fever-heat into my face-
in spite of this absurd wound, press it beneath your domination.


The Rebirth

Our aesthetics will crumble to nothingness
even if harmful, it must take place.
Our union demands our blood and rebirth.




Josh Medsker’s work has appeared in many publications, including: The Anchorage Press, The Brooklyn Rail, Penmen Review, Red Savina Review, Haiku Journal, Star*Line, and GuardianWitness (UK).

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