Body Language – by Grace Pasco



                He rubs the nape of his neck –
a self-soothing gesture.
A something that only happens
when words could get dangerous,
so silence is the go-to.
                She puts the side of her hand to her forehead
as if checking for a fever.
The room got heated after
firing one line after another
so silence is the go-to.
                There’s a pillow between them
and she is covered by a comforter.
He faces the window
with his forearms to his thighs and
                shoulders hunched over.
The room feels too small all of a sudden.
She wishes the couch were bigger
so she can       stretch out her legs.
He wishes for a notecard with
an escape-route spell.
Three clicks of the heels
did not do the trick.
At some point,
she’d walk him to his car.
He would stand next to the
driver-seat door.
He’d ask how she’s feeling.
She’d reply, “I’m okay. And you?”
“I’ll be okay,” he’d say.
She’ll head back to the house
with relief in every step.
One more look back to the vehicle
with his head visible through the glass.
Silence is a friend,
keeping her relief a victorious secret.




Grace Pasco is an Asian-American spoken word poet from Silver Spring, MD. She writes poetry to translate emotions, package experiences, and… to play! As for her Instagram name? It’s ThisGirlGrace.

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