Your name – by Maja Todorovic


Your name

Wears its own fame.
Starting with B.
I like how B blows out of my mouth.
Like a playful Boo!
child’s ambush from
a hidden corner
your surprise from behind,
hands eclipsing my eyes
and kiss in the neck,
wistful sighs.

R likes to roll on my tongue.
Wants to get out –
doesn’t want to get out.
Jumps, bounce of my teeth
and rolls like a train speeding its feet.

S likes to become shhhhh…
when I put my heavy, tired head on your
chest, nest.

All vowels and consonants
are disciplined solders, creating brigades of
always ready to march,
when desire knocks on the door of my mouth.
Hurrying deep south.



Maja is an educator and writer from Serbia, currently living in the sunny Hague. When she is not busy with rhyme, she munches on bowls of fruit and pretends to do some yoga – or at least that’s how she would like to spend her time. Liked this stanza? Jump to for more extravaganza.

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