Existence, Explained – by Tonya Eberhard


Scraping ketchup off the plate
with limp French fries,
the philosophical discussion begins. With

spelling out existentialism
on a clean napkin. E-X-I—
the beginnings explained. Simply

wiping the fingers. Spelling out
existential ideas on a dirty napkin.
U-&-I— don’t matter. We are simply

existentialists, explaining atoms
of chance, particles of existence
formed, rearranged, scattered

into the Universe. All coincidental.
Like seeing the face of God in the
smears of ketchup on the empty plate

in the café-restaurant.




Tonya Eberhard recently graduated from the University of Missouri. She currently lives in Minnesota. Her work has appeared in Dirty Chai, Lingerpost, Yellow Chair Review, Open Minds Quarterly, and Sun & Sandstone, among others.